This project is still in progress, it will be developed deeper in next months and it will be updated here as soon as possible with more details. Even if not in her final version, the project has taken a clear way and it is going towards the end.     


She is a full-custom Sailing Yacht thought for letting have fun staying inside the range of cruising boats. The performance doesn’t hinder the comfort given to the owners, a German couple, 63yo and 58yo.

See below for more technical informations:


LOA: 23,99 m

LWL: 21,64m

Displacement: 29,32 t

DraftAmidship: 0,64m

Depth: 4,9m

Bmax: 5,80 m

BWL: 4,78m

SailArea: 350m2

Prismatic Coeff. (Cp): 0,559

BlockCoeff.(Cb) : 0,434

Maxsect.areacoeff.(Cm): 0.809

Waterpl.areacoeff.(Cwp): 0.683

LCB length: -12.301

LCF length: -12.759

LCB%: -56.846

LCF %:  -58.963

The vessel can boast a very light weight and all the positive results given by the choice of the lifting keel. The design line that we followed influenced also the interior and exterior style showing a general design with a sporting soul, it prevails horizontal lines and light furniture. It is characteristic also the special attention given to the deck rigging.

nami 78'

sailing yacht


19   /   07   /   2017


Poli.Design, Politecnico di Milano:

Master Universitario in Yacht Design,

Sailboat workshop


Massimo Paperini


Aziz Jawadwala 

Irem Karear

Mattia Sconocchia


Tel: +39 339 6942598


Via Nino di Gallura, 36

Nuoro (NU), 08100, Italy


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